Convert your eCommerce Store to a fully fledged marketplace

Gear up for a new experience

Add unlimited Sellers

Convert your ECommerce Store to a Multivendor Marketplace like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy Add Unlimited number of Sellers.

Add unlimited Products

The Sellers can add Unlimited Products thus giving more choices to the Customers, hence increasing the Sales. Sellers can add products on own.

Commission Setup

HostBoxx offers you a wide variety of commission modes for your convenient. Along with the traditional commission types.

Store Hours & Vacation

Ideal for businesses that are seasonal or operate between fixed hours.

Coupon Management

Set up irresistible deals and offers with flexible discount promo codes.

Product Import & Export

Import products from and export products to CSV from vendor dashboard.

Enquiry & Support Ticket

Interaction with sellers help buyers to make better purchase decisions.

Membership Subscription

Offer membership plans for sellers, free and paid. Accept recurring fees.

Invoice & Shipping Label

Order fulfillment made easy with store invoices and shipping labels.

Geo-Location & Radius Search

Allow searching products or services near the user’s current location.

Shipment & Delivery

Share tracking of deliveries, notify when shipping status changes.

Withdrawal &
Payment Setup

Admin can enable payment methods like Paypal, Stripe, Skrill or enable Bank Transfer. You can also allow or disallow withdrawal for certain orders depending upon the payment methods that the vendor have chosen. You can also set a withdrawal limit or set a threshold time for an order to be available for withdrawal (quite useful for refund orders!)

Shipping Setup

Vendor can set Default Shipping Price, Per Product Additional Price or Per Quantity Additional Price when Country wise shipping is selected. You can also manage the processing time of the shipment as well as the country from where the product is shipped!

Review Management

Now it’s in your hands to approve or disapprove /delete a customer review. Vendors can also manage the reviews but you can always control this option. Even when you enable Auto-approve, you can manage the reviews from Reviews manage page. Want more? You can set different review rating categories where the total rating would be calculated based on the average of the ratings!

Refund System

Now the admin can set a refund request threshold which will specify a particular day till which the order would be available for refund. The vendor can request for either a Full Refund or a Partial Refund and can also add a reason for the Refund Request. A thing to note her is that the payment needs to be refunded manually by the admin. Now control the refund facilities for the vendors either for specifically or globally!

Store Policies

These policies can be set from the Product Policies tab under the WCFM Dashboard. Once the vendor sets the policies for individual products/ sitewise and enable the option, the policies will be sent to the customers with the store invoice. You may also disable any or all of these policies by setting the modules off. Admin can also control the policies either for individual vendors, for a group or set it globally default.

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