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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Fully Independent Virtual Servers with Super-Fast Gen 4 SSD Drives, Storage Customization and More Traffic Than You Will Ever Need.

Self Managed VPS Hosting
Perfect for system administrators and developers.

That’s right, if you’re a developer, designer or system administrator with experience managing a server – seeking full control over your hosting environment – our Self Managed VPS Hosting is a solid fit. You get full root access with SSH keys for total control as well as command line for flexibility and power. Plus, we offer a wide range of scalable performance options with flexible server configurations.




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Available Operating Systems and Panels


Why People Choose Us?

Don’t compromise with Hosting Solutions.


Get Best Plans For More Power.

Our best-in-class WordPress solution additional optimization to make running a WooCommerce online store easy. Our prices are clear and straight forward so you can.

Real Time Computing With 2.5x Faster RAM.

Share processes and data securely on a need to know basis without the need for reconciliation it combines a permissione.

VPS Hosting Features

All Self Managed VPS Hosting plans include:


Experience high-performance SSDs powered by Virtuozzo for 3X the speed plus unlimited traffic. You also get KVM virtualization for full control of your hardware resources.

Easy admin

Create unlimited hosting accounts with optional cPanel/WHM + Installatron or Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition (includes WordPress toolkit).


Enjoy ‘round-the-clock network monitoring with advanced DDoS protection and a free SSL certificate (for the first year) with a dedicated IP.


There’s no longer a need for those cumbersome, manual migrations. Easily increase RAM, CPU and storage with VPS seamless upgrades.

Backups and recovery

Set automated weekly backups plus an on-demand snapshot and fix issues using the recovery console (even if you don’t have access to SSH).

Global data centers

Publish and categorize articles, create lookbooks, encourage discussion, and moderate comments on your HostBoxx blog.

Monitoring and alerts

Monitor server uptime and performance (CPU, RAM and Storage) — stay informed with alert notifications.

Root access

Retain full control and configure your server to your needs (up to the operating system level).

VPS Additional Features

More Computing Power for Less Money

Get your own virtual server with an operating system of your choice and full root access. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a great way to get an independent computing instance at an unmatched price point.

Storage Customization

You can choose the type of storage that goes with each VPS. Go with a super fast NVMe storage with over 1,000,000 IOPS or a large SSD drive if space is more important than speed for you.

More Traffic then You Will Ever Need

Each VPS comes with 32 TB of outgoing and unlimited incoming traffic included with a connection speed between 200 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s. In reality this is equal to unlimited traffic for 99.98% of our customers.

Quick Provisioning

Every day we provision hundreds of VPS with an average time of 30 minutes. Make sure to pay for Virtual Private Server with credit card so that we can provision it right away without waiting for money to arrive.

Don't have a website yet?

Heaving a website for online presence in today’s world is a priority if you want to grow faster and higher.

Still have questions in mind?

Do you offer Control Panels for an easy administration of my VPS?

Yes, we offer cPanel and Plesk admin panels at extra cost, as well as Webmin which is available free of charge. At HostBoxx, we exclusively offer you to try Plesk one month for free with our VPS, Virtual Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Servers! Should it not suit your needs, simply cancel it before the end of the first month by sending request to our customer support team and there will be no fee charged for it!

You can order your preferred panel directly with your VPS or later by contacting our customer support via e-mail.

Can I upgrade to a different VPS plan later?

Yes, you can easily upgrade to a bigger VPS plan through website. Simply send a ticket for requesting to upgrade your VPS and our customer support team will get in touch with you.

Can I change the specifications of my VPS?

You can select one of the models available on our website. Beyond that the hardware specifications of our VPS cannot be customized or changed. Should you need a custom configuration consider a Virtual Dedicated Server or Dedicated Server (available in future).

Which operating systems are available?

At HostBoxx, the choice is yours: Select from a wide range of popular Linux distributions (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and many others) and Windows Server. Since we do not believe in offering pre-configured bundles but let you configure your server according to your needs, the Windows license fee is added to your monthly VPS fee only if you choose this Operating System. The amount charged depends on the size of your VPS.